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This bandana design blends HSJ’s lush flora, the colors found on the property (greens, terra cotta), as well as the Japanese touches with a little Texas sentiment.


I was approached by an ELOI collector’s interior designer about doing a custom, hand sewn design on the 600 sq ft of drapes in their living room. What I came up with were simple, layered shapes that mimic the century plants found adjacent to the window in the yard. The soft colors keep it subtle and ever-changing depending on the time of day and amount of sunlight.

THE ALIDA, SAVANNAH  Makeready (based in Dallas) commissioned a pattern for a new hotel, the Alida, in Savannah, GA. We created this together to work as the color scheme of the property, and it's been applied to the throw pillows in the guest rooms, pool towels, and scarves and bandanas for the lobby shop.

ALIMENTARI ITALIAN GROCERY, TORONTO This larger-scale piece (3’ x 6’), a bird’s eye view of an Italian feast was commissioned for the dining room of Alimentari.


CEREMONY BOTANICAL, WIMBERLY  Inspired by the owner's fascination for occultism and alchemy, I incorporated symbols such as the ouroboros, the lunar cycle, and quite literally a ceremony or seance amongst the night sky. Using less traditional botanical themes accentuate the color and beauty of the Wimberley, Texas landscape, where the shop is located.



STEEN WEDDING  The Steen/Valade wedding was held in the iconic Rivera Court at the Detroit Institute of Art. My challenge was encapsulating the feel of this once controversial 27-panel mural based on the industry and technology of Detroit in the 1930s.  My research provided overwhelming inspiration, producing a design that plays with the dichotomy of the work's organic/human forms depicted and the hard-edged mechanical motifs. The bridesmaids received the scarves as gifts before the ceremony, and pocket squares were made for the groom and groomsmen to wear on the big day.



The iconic Austin Motel commissioned a custom piece that embodied the fresh new ambiance in addition to honoring its history (it has been open since 1938). Everyone congregates at the kidney shaped pool whether you're a guest at the Austin Motel or not. I was keeping in mind how the pool always ends up summoning me to drink too many Aperol Spritzs and fall asleep in the sun.

TEVA  Strap happy. This shirt design was inspired by the river Tevas were born on and the epic campouts and festivals they often attend.

SUHADOLNIK WEDDING  This couple approached me to use the DLB Acid scarf and digital pattern to add some color to their wedding. It peeked its way in from the "save the date" mailers to a simple knot around the brides bouquet.


This scarf was inspired by the idiosyncratic interiors of the Saint Cecilia— referencing the ubiquitous penny tiles and Persian rugs; HSC's love of peacocks and celestial motifs, and Mick Jagger-esque lips for some rock n’ roll.

BOWER RESORT '17 Bower swimwear reached out needing a pattern that evoked the 1970s Bob Mackie/Cher-inspired Resort 2017 collection.


My thoughts of New Orleans veer mostly toward celebration (drinking, dancing, parades...). I also did some research on voodoo culture there and became inspired by "Li Grand Zombi", the major serpent spirit of worship, the holder of intuitive knowledge. Sacred voodoo ritualistic snake dances almost always include a snake to represent the spiritual balance between the genders and celebrate this ancient knowledge.



Darioush Winery needed more customized products to sell in their shop, so we made pocket squares and bandanas incorporating the traditional flora of the Persian run winery-- pistachios, grapes and the pomegranate trees that line their entrance.

SCAD LACOSTE  SCAD Lacoste came to me wanting two Provence and France inspired designs for their gift shop. When I see southern France in my head all I think of  is the massive amount of sunflowers and Provencal textiles. are also an integral sight on a visit to Lacoste. These patterns were printed on notebooks (and lavender scented), T-shirts, silk scarves and pocket squares .


My alma mater recently opened their second museum, this one in Atlanta, focusing on fashion and film. I was commissioned to design a line of 5 scarves- a geometric, a floral, a film inspired, and two fashion inspired-- of which I chose to show motifs of the process (cutting and sewing) and that of fashion accessories.