Custom Made Rugs

Choose From Our Custom Made Rugs in Design and Color

With inspiration comes custom rugs. I have many to choose from, and we can customize whatever the customer likes. My name is Paige, and I am the owner of ELOI. If anyone wishes to own custom rugs where we can customize it to your liking, I can be reached by email at One of the most significant reasons for having custom rugs is to match a room's floors and walls. Not everyone's home is the same. What is for sale online is only the iceberg's tip to compare to what we can develop in customizing the rugs. All designs are done with construction paper and pieced together before the order is made. Every one of our custom rugs is made with all-natural material. Manufacturers in India and Nepal can get the design and colors perfect or have it done here. It is up to the customer.

The custom made rugs can be any size, shape, or texture. There is a choice of different materials, techniques, color scheme, and patterns used to make the custom made rugs. Much of the patterns can go back in history, and some look like they are from the renaissance age. Different cultures have different patterns. Americans can have the whole blend mixed in since we are from all over the world within our country. Many places and people have reached out online to have custom made rugs in their homes or businesses. All of these techniques, along with different styles of flat weaving, started over 4,000 years ago. Today, everything works the same. The customer tells the person who is customizing the rugs what they want, and the person makes it and sells it to the customer. Our traditions have not changed in the custom made rugs industry. We offer the same services.