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Bandanas And Scarves

The Purposes of Bandanas and Scarves

Bandanas and scarves are something in the fashion world that never went away. It slowed down over the years, but it is making its way back into the hearts of those into fashion and style. Bandanas are worn over the head and can be worn by men or women. Women in the olden days wore bandanas over their head to hold back the hair out of their eyes while they were working. Men wore bandanas to keep the sweat out of their face and eyes, along with helping to block the sun's harmful rays. There are different styles of headdresses and bandanas today that people are bringing back into society. Most wore it for a purpose, while today, people find joy in wearing it for fashion. Scarves are the same thing, just longer. Bandanas and scarves can both be worn around the neck. Both serve their purpose, and both can be for fashion.

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